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Bill Podl, Founder and Mark Podl, President and CEO

Design and Innovation

Over 40 years ago, Doran Scales, Inc. created the Digital Electronic Washdown Safe Scale market.  The Doran product line, for the first time, solved the need of food processors who required a durable, yet accurate scale to assist in portioning and packaging product. The food processor environment required a scale that would hold up to high pressure washdown while meeting the exacting accuracy requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The durability of the Doran product line to this day is unmatched by any scale manufacturer in the world.  Our continual design innovations continue to lead the scale market in overload protection, ease of use, flexibility and washdown resistance.

Customer Support

The single most instrumental factor which established Doran’s strong position in a market previously dominated by a handful of old, established scale manufacturers was a deceptively simple idea: “Provide the best customer service in the industry.”  Attracted by our value leading, durable products, Doran’s network of over 200 industrial scale distributors in North America became long term partners due to Doran’s customer service focus.  Our distributors and end users rely upon our knowledgeable sales technical support team to assist in providing their customers with solutions and  long term support.