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New Medical Scales and Accessories

You can depend on Doran Scales for bringing medical scale products to market that offer the latest technologies and provide the most benefits.  The following products are our latest scales and accessories.

Learn About Our Latest Products

DS600 Bluetooth is iOS and Android Compatible
Track your health and stay fit with the new iWellness app. Easily connect the app to your DS600 using Bluetooth. The app integrates with the iOS Health app as a data source for weight. All your data will automatically be recorded into the app. Weights are transmitted by Bluetooth to any iOS or Android device. APIs for Android and iOS are available upon request. The Auto-On feature of the DS600 switches on the scale when the patient taps on the heavy duty glass platform. The weight is shown in a 2" high LCD display. The tempered glass weighing surface is 12" x 12" and the height of the scale is just 3/4" high. The DS600 can display weight in lb or kg. The DS600 is EMR compliant.
Infant Scale M-300
  • The Marsden M-300 is a portable, one-piece baby scale weighing in at 6.8 lb, that's easy to use and highly accurate down to to 2g accuracy.

Hospital bed scale
Monitoring a patient’s weight is critical in a hospital or extended care facility, but moving the patient from the bed to a scale can be dangerous for the patient as well as the staff.  Between 700,000 and 1 million patients fall in hospitals each year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.